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Personal Injury

Were you involved in a motor vehicle accident? Were you or was anyone else in your car hurt? How did the accident happen? Who does ICBC say was at fault? Were you working when the accident happened? How will this affect your ability to earn a living? Care for your children? Maintain your house? ICBC wants you to make a written statement: what should you do? Should you go to ICBC’s doctor for an assessment?

Those are some of the questions that arise after an accident, when you’re at your most vulnerable. A lawyer can help you work through them. Even if all you need are a few quick answers, we can help. Here are some resources for those of you who would like to work things out for yourselves:

Insurance (Vehicle) Act

Insurance (Vehicle) Act Regulations

Motor Vehicle Act

Occupiers Liability Act

If you require more, we will work on a contingency basis so that you pay us no legal fees unless we recover something for you. Our litigation team has almost 40 years of experience in trials, mediation, negotiation and all other facets of the court process.